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  • Cooperation of Inspectorate with the international ranking agency QS is enlarging

    It is well known that the state Inspection for supervision of quality in education under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic Uzbekistan is the solely organization in Uzbekistan that monitors the quality of local educational institutions and promotes a worthy place in the list of international rating agencies in the future, thereby establishing broad partnerships with international rating agencies.
    As we reported earlier, the first meeting of the international rating Agency QS with experts of the state inspection was held on October 31 in 2018.
    As a continuation of this international cooperation, Zoya Zaitseva, Regional Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia of the international rating Agency QS, made a presentation on 19 November 2012 at the state inspection about "Standards and requirements of the QS ranking system".

    In the meeting were attended the head of the state inspection U. Tashkenbayev and group specialists of inspection and representatives from the National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent University of information technologies, Tashkent Institute of irrigation and agricultural mechanization engineers and Uzbek state world languages University.
    This seminar was organized as a session of questions and answers and their Z. Zaitseva answered all the questions of the participants in detail regarding the requirements of the QS assessment system.
    There was emphasized that the QS methodology rating was assigned by the academic reputation of the University, in order to evaluate the activities of higher education institutions must be created the database of experts from different countries.

    It was also stressed that the possibility of attracting more students and teachers from foreign countries is the provision of scholarships by higher education institutions also an important indicator in the ranking.
    In particular, it was focused that QS agency pays special attention to the ranking of the regional rating or by the industry as well, apart from overall ranking of world universities.

    At the end of the conversation Z. Zaitseva mentioned that she intends to visit Uzbekistan on November 22-23 current year and definitely will visit the state inspection in order get acquainted with the national ranking system.

    Directorate for Monitoring of Quality Continuous Education System

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