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    Academic Lyceum under Navoi state pedagogical Institute has the opportunity to teach 600 students and it has 25 classrooms, including 4 classrooms of computer science, 4 classrooms of foreign languages, chemistry, physics and biology, as well as 14 other classrooms. 

    Currently, 5 majors enrolled 687 pupils (286 girls) and operate 80 teaching personnel (including 54 units for the major staff units 6 units – internal VA 20 units for external part-time) in academic high school.

    In this institution in all 5 areas of training developed appropriate educational and regulatory documents (educational standards, curricula and programs in the disciplines) for 2018/2019 academic year.

    On the basis of these educational normative documents, the work on making additions and changes to the working curricula and working training programs in the disciplines (in the areas of natural and social and humanitarian disciplines, as well as other areas) in accordance with the established criteria.

    At the same time, Academic Lyceum for the 2018/2019 academic year in the areas of improvement of educational and regulatory documents, ensuring the continuity of programs of disciplines, analysis of their content developed and approved a program of cooperation with the Navoi state pedagogical Institute, but not formed supporting documents confirming the performance of the relevant departments and faculties of the Institute.

    For example, in the study section of the plan of joint actions for the 2018/2019 academic year, drawn up between the academic face, and departments of “Natural Sciences” and “Languages” of the Institute, revealed that in the month of September not secured the fulfillment of the objectives for the development of the annual training work plan, the analysis of the content and structure of training regulations in the areas of education, preparation of necessary proposals and recommendations.

    Similar shortcomings in the implementation of joint activities are also identified in the activities of other departments of the academic Lyceum.

     Analysis of the potential and qualitative composition of the teaching staff showed that of the total number of 54 teaching staff 22 people (40.7%) are the main teachers, 6 (11.1%) - leading teachers, 12 people (22.2%) - senior teachers, 14 people (25.9%) - teachers with higher education.

    Along with this, the results of the analysis of the participation of teachers on training courses it is established that in 2016, 24 teachers and in 2017, 10 teachers have successfully completed a refresher course, if the plan is executed at one hundred percent, but in 2018, the participation rate in courses of improvement of qualification of teachers was 95,6%, thus not fully providing technical training for 23 teachers in 11 school subjects. 

    Over the past 3 years, teachers of 5 departments of the academic Lyceum participated in local and international conferences, publishing about 100 articles on the quality of education and teaching methods. In the analysis of this indicator in the context of departments determined that the Department of “Languages” published 50 publications (including 5 in international journals), the Department of exact disciplines - 32 publications (including 7 in international journals), the Department of natural Sciences - 26 publications, but the Department of “Foreign languages” published only 14 publications (including 9 in international journals) and the Department of social Sciences and Humanities-published 11 publications, which are the lowest rates among departments.


    Department of certification of institutions of secondary specialized and vocational education

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