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Cooperation with Korea is being strengthened in improving education reforms

9th August 2022

On August 9 this year was held a meeting with representatives of the Korean Education Center at the State Inspectorate for Supervision of Quality in Education.

It was attended by Ulugbek Tashkenbayev, the head of the Inspectorate for Education, Abdurahim Nasirov, the advisor to the head, the heads of relevant departments, as well as the director of the Korean Education Center Pang Chu Man, the deputy director Jang Hyeong-Ki, the head of the planning department Tatyana Germanovna, the center's employee Saida Adhamova and others.

The meeting agenda included several issues related to training civil service employees, studying the Korean experience in the professional development process, and cooperation in conducting tests to assess the level of Korean language teachers.

At the beginning of the discussions, Ulugbek Tashkenbayev, the head of the Inspectorate for Education, thanked the guests for their visit and noted that such talks will serve to further improve the cooperation between the two countries.

“Since the first days of its activity, the State Inspectorate for Supervision of Quality in Education has been actively participating in reforms in the field.

In this process, we have been studying advanced foreign experiences and applying the best ones to the conditions of our country. In this regard, Korea is one of our closest and most reliable partners.

In particular, it is worth noting that we adopted many aspects of the Korean experience in the development of the Law on Education, adopted in a new version in 2021, in supporting the activities of non-governmental educational organizations, as well as in improving lifelong learning processes.

We are always pleased that Korea, as a long-time partner and friend of Uzbekistan, supports educational reforms, as it does in all fields. And I believe that our consistent communication will serve as a basis for even greater results”, said Ulugbek Tashkenbaev.

In his turn, the director of the Korea Education Center, Pang Chu Man, thanked the head of the Inspectorate for Education for the warm reception and said that he is ready for cooperation in all directions in the field of education.

“As you mentioned, Korea, as one of Uzbekistan's long-term and reliable partners, is always ready to regularly support educational reforms in your country.

In recent years, the work carried out in Uzbekistan in this regard is commendable. I believe that as a result of our cooperation, processes in this direction will be further improved," said Pang Chu Man.

At the end of the negotiations, it was agreed to attract Korean specialists to improve the qualifications of pedagogues, organize olympiads and competitions of various levels on the scale of the republic, as well as to continue cooperation and dialogue.