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Representatives of the Finnish National Agency for Education will visit Uzbekistan to assist in the implementation of educational reforms

24th August 2022

On August 23 of this year, the State Inspectorate for Supervision of Quality in Education held an online meeting with representatives of the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI).

It was attended by the head of the Inspectorate of Education Ulugbek Tashkenbaev, heads of relevant departments, as well as director for cooperation at the Finnish National Agency for Education Samu Seitsalo, project manager of the agency Juni Kangasniemi and experts Raisa Venyalainen and Timo Juntunen.

The agenda of the meeting included a number of issues related to the program of the visit of the Finnish delegation to Uzbekistan, which is scheduled for September 5-9 this year, as well as plans for the implementation of the institutional cooperation project between the Education Inspectorate and the Finnish National Agency for Education.

At the same time, a mutual exchange of views took place on the organization of seminars and trainings aimed at increasing the capacity of employees of the Inspectorate for Education on educational management, establishing cooperation between representatives of the education system of Uzbekistan and Finland, improving the processes of Uzbekistan's entry into the European Higher Education Area by improving the quality of education and the assessment system, as well as to attract Finnish specialists to establish, in cooperation with the University of Helsinki, the activities of the Uzbek-Finnish Pedagogical Institute.

It should be noted that during the visit of the Uzbek delegation on education to Finland in November 2021, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Education Inspectorate and the Finnish National Agency for Education.

On the basis of this document, in order to improve the quality and stimulate the practice of education, the parties are working together to develop the system, including the development, implementation, evaluation of new pedagogical methods, learning processes, pedagogical management, educational programs, as well as to improve the system of advanced training for teachers.

As one of the first practical results of the visit, the government of Finland allocated 1 million euros to support the implementation of the tasks envisaged by the memorandum of cooperation.

During the visit of the Finnish delegation to Uzbekistan, after getting acquainted with the educational processes, it is planned to develop a project plan through discussions with representatives of the Inspectorate of Education.

According to preliminary agreements, the project considers the creation of educational and methodological literature, the organization of educational processes with the involvement of Finnish experts in the field of education, and advanced training courses for representatives of the field of education.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ulugbek Tashenbayev, head of the Education Inspectorate, thanked the Finnish specialists for their cooperation, noting that these ties will serve to further improve relations between the two countries.

“The State Inspectorate for Supervision of Quality in Education has always been interested in establishing close ties with Finnish partners. Over the past short period of time, our cooperation has shown its results at almost all stages of training. An example of this is the improvement of educational programs in the field of continuous education, as well as the exchange of pupils and students of higher educational institutions, the implementation of joint educational programs between higher educational institutions.

Establishing a few days ago the activities of the international Nordic University, where education will be conducted exactly according to the Finnish methodology, also testifies to the scale of the projects we are implementing today. I think, your visit will serve as an important factor for the further development of relations between our countries,” noted Ulugbek Tashenbayev.


In turn, Samu Seitsalo, director of cooperation at the Finnish National Agency for Education, shared his views on this issue, noting that the projects implemented with Uzbekistan are beneficial for both parties.

“On behalf of the Finnish National Agency for Education, I must emphasize that we are glad to cooperate with Uzbekistan. The practical steps of this cooperation are increasing, which indicates the growth of mutual trust. Our visit to Uzbekistan gives us the opportunity to discuss many more issues in this direction.

Taking into account the fact that the purpose of these projects is to learn from each other's experience, I believe that our ties will only grow stronger,” said Samu Seitsalo.


At the meeting, Finnish experts reported that it is planned to get acquainted with the long-term strategies for teacher training in our country, the system for improving their qualifications, the establishment of the educational process in schools, inclusive education, and other issues directly by visiting educational institutions.

At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed to consistently continue the dialogue on the program of the visit and the issues discussed.