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The National Center under the Inspectorate for Education is invited to membership in the International Organization IEA

19th September 2022

The delegation led by the Director of the National Center for implementation of international research on the assessment of the quality of education under the Inspectorate for Education Abduvali Ismailov took part in the 2nd meeting of national project managers and training on data management within the framework of the TALIS 2024 study, which took place in Hamburg (Germany) from August 29 to September 4 this year. At the same time, the members of the delegation got acquainted with the activities of the Hamburg office of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievements (IEA).

During this visit, a personal meeting took place with Ms. Juliana Henk, Director of the IEA Hamburg Office. The meeting discussed reforms in the field of assessing the quality of education in Uzbekistan and ongoing work to improve this system. The experience gained by the National Center in ensuring the participation of educational institutions of Uzbekistan in international studies PISA, PIRLS, and REDS was also discussed.

Ms. Juliana expressed her gratitude for the cooperation between the IEA and Uzbekistan, in particular with the Education Inspectorate and the National Center. She also noted that the successful implementation of the National Center for International Standards in international studies, in which the schools of Uzbekistan participate for the first time, could not but please them.

The director of the IEA also invited the National Center under the Inspectorate for Education to join the IEA as an organization with sufficient experience in international research on student assessment.

The IEA is made up of a number of partners from over 60 Member States and research institutes, universities, and research centers within ministries of education. The IEA works to advance education research and improve the quality and equity of education by promoting evidence-based policies and practices around the world.

In order to become a member of the IEA, educational systems must complete at least one periodic training in the IEA (one periodicity corresponds to 4-5 years). Because the international surveys PIRLS, TIMSS, and REDS, which will be implemented at the initiative of the IEA, are based on strict standards, high-level requirements, and careful approaches aimed at obtaining reliable comparative data on the education system.

The National Center, joining the IEA among other states, will be able to have the following advantages:

- become part of the international educational community;

- exchange knowledge and experience;

- participate in the annual General Assembly of the IEA;

- promote the implementation of an international system for assessing education in the field of research and innovation;

- contribute to the development of scientific research and innovation around the world as a member of the international organization IEA;

- have equal voting rights when making decisions aimed at the management, development of the IEA organization, the introduction of new initiatives and strategies for assessing the quality of education, etc.

In short, the invitation of the National Center under the Inspectorate for Education to become members of the IEA organization is an important step towards international recognition of the reforms carried out in the field of education in New Uzbekistan.